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Vision & Mission

To become a law office which provides reliable and trusted service on national and international level.

To provide a professional legal services to clients to solve their legal problems especially in the field of business law, IT law, with the main focus on non-litigation services.


To operate and manage the law office according to the principles of effective and efficient management and good firm governance in providing reliable and trusted services, which is based on the qualified human resources, positioning of the firm, and development of the dynamic environment.


Profile in Brief

Profile in Brief

Atip Latipulhayat and Yoris Rusamsi established LHRP in 2008, with the aim of providing high quality legal services, especially in the fields of general consultancy and ligitation. A further core service of the firm is the provision of training and seminars on contemporary legal issues.

Apart from providing expertise in conventional legal services such as commercial law, financing, contracts and so on, LHRP is responding to the challenges of rapid change in the field of technology by specialising in internet law (cyber law), broadcasting law, telecommunications, aviation, outer space law, banking and mining.

A further specialisation is the firm’s capacity to provide solutions in the field of resource law. As a guarantee of the utmost quality of its sevices, and its ability to provide guidance in rapidly evolving fields of legal regulation, LHRP’s lawyers are experienced graduates of the finest law faculties in Indonesia and abroad.

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