2nd International Outsourcing Summit 2017: The New Perspective Toward Quality and Productivity

Rabu, 1 Maret 2017 | 18:15 WIB oleh Tiara Ika Winarni

by: Mursal Maulana

Yoris Rusamsi as vice chairman of Event Organizing Committee

Yoris Rusamsi as vice chairman of Event Organizing Committee


Indonesia Outsourcing Association (ABADI) under auspices of Infomedia Solusi Humanika and Apindo Training Center held Outsourcing Summit to declare “Healthy Outsourcing Program”. The Summit with the theme “The New Perspective Toward Quality and Productivity” aimed to ignite spirit of synergy and collaboration in achieving better Indonesia future.

Held on Feb, 22-23th 2017, in Golden Tulip, Jimbaran, Bali, The Summit became the evidence that companies had given their support and commitment to conduct business in accordance with Indonesia’s Regulation. By doing so, it also hoped that the support could improve quality and productivity.

The Summit was officially welcomed by Directorate General PHI & Jamsos from Ministry of Manpowers and Transmigration of the Republic Indonesia, Mrs Haiyani Rumondang and Chief of APINDO Mr. Hariyadi Sukamdani.

Beginning with motivation to conduct outsourcing in accordance with international labor standards and regulations, vice president of labor division of Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), Mr. Anton Supit insisted that Outsourcing had been playing important rule in business sector. He furthermore said that outsourcing must solely rely on competition instead of low cost labors.

Another key note speaker, Chief Executive of ABADI, Greg Chen expressed that he was quite confident about the readiness of Indonesia in transforming paradigm from paying low wage workers to maximum utility of them. He said that “If Indonesia could handle it, Indonesia could compete with world class outsourcing competitors like what India did”. He then revealed that the restriction of permitted scope of jobs for outsourced workers had been hampered industrial growth in last recent decade. Until now, Indonesia still prohibits companies to hire outsourced workers from certain types of job. The government ban on companies hiring outsourced workers is stipulated in Manpower and Transmigration Ministry Decree No.19/2012 including: Cleaning, Security, Driving services at mining site and Catering. Similar to the others key note speakers, Indonesia’s outsourcing expert, Iftida Yasar firmly stated that negative stigmation had hampered outsourcing companies to expand their core business that could create job opportunities.

The Summit was also attended by international key note speaker such as Francesco d’Ovidio, ILO Director for Indonesia and Timor Leste who emphasized the importance of equality between economic and social interest in order to sustain business climate and the prosperity of labors. Rhoda C. Caliwara, National President PALSCON from Filipina also stated that Filipina’s experience could be used as guidance for creating fair outsourcing competition in Indonesia.

The outcomes of the Summit finally resulted declaration signing by outsourcing stakeholders in supporting Fair Outsourcing agenda. The declaration consists of 5 main pillars; here is the exhaustive list of those pillars:

  1. To take important roles in every initiative programs relating to competent and creative outsourcing activities to pushing national economic growth.
  2. To initiate implementation of outsourcing program based on job creation basis.
  3. To encourage outsourcing activities based on the rule of law.
  4. To improve human resource competition promoting national competition and productivity.
  5. To respect social justice and to improve realization prosperity improvement for Indonesia citizen.

On the other occasion, Chairman of the Summit, Wisnu Wibowo stated that the Summit was participated by prominent outsourcing stakeholders including 47 well-reputed companies utilizing outsourcing. He also hoped that the outcomes of the Summit could be a recommendation for the government and outsourcing stakeholders about the measures needed to be taken in order to implement the Declaration.

As Law Firm focusing on Outsourcing Issues, Director Executive Latipulyat-Rusamsi & Partners (LHRP), Yoris Rusamsi was actively participate in this events by taking part as vice chairman of Event Organizing Committee. Yoris remarked, “that regulator as policy maker in Indonesia had to amend the rules pertaining limitation of outsourcing type of job”. He also firmly recommended that the government of Indonesia should take necessary effort to promote outsourcing program.